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Enterprise Integration (SOA)

​Our enterprise integration solutions help improve visibility with enhanced control of critical information, services, processes, and events. Employees, customers, partners, and suppliers stay connected by having data, applications, and systems integrated and easily accessible throughout your network.

  • Accelerate business with pre-built integration accelerators and connectors

  • Reduce process times through automation and modernization

  • Build a better-integrated experience by connecting employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, etc

  • Eliminate redundancy by having a single source of truth

  • Modernize your business & IT operations

  • Streamline and automate repeatable processes

  • Reduce opportunities for human error or confusion

With the merging of mobile, social, cloud, and big data analytics, SOA integration is more important than ever for offering insight and integrating systems from end to end. By applying Service Oriented Architecture principles, an enterprise can manage and govern business and IT transformation, setting them apart from their competitors. The benefits range from seamless integration, cloud enabled solutions, holistic business insight and agility, to externalized APIs. SOA integrates the front office, back office and the Internet of Things.

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